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Friday, 21 April 2017

REBOOT life to REINVENT#AtoZChallenge

R is for REBOOT

Setbacks and Failures are as much a part of our life as Success and Advancement. An indication of a successful life is not considered in terms of how many times have we succeeded or failed but in terms of how many times have we come up trumps in spite of barriers and hang-ups, some predictable and some unforeseen. Many a times in our life we get stuck at some point and lose vision of way forward. This happen due to various reasons, some of which are  1. choosing a wrong goal, 2. taking inappropriate actions, 3. Living in our comfort zone , 4. Unconducive environment/ eco-system to operate.  But irrespective of the reason, we get impacted at mental, physical and emotional level making us susceptible to failure and regression. The haze and lack of clarity demands a REBOOT of our life to sort things out, seek clarity and move forward. The way, a computer needs a reboot when it stops responding or gets stuck, likewise our life also needs a REBOOT to help us troubleshoot  life and put us back in a state of readiness to face life's challenges.

Why REBOOT is necessary ?

·         First and foremost, because all of us want to progress in life and be an accomplisher
·         Provides an opportunity to do a SWOT for our self and identify the gaps holding us back from moving forward in life
·         When procrastination and avoidance sets in our attitude/ approach indicating a look into the reasons for the same
·         At times we may go off-track of lose clarity about our goals and actions
·         Acts as a checkpoint to take stock of our purpose, goals and actions in life
·         Acts as a calming point when we get overwhelmed with goals, tasks and situations in life
·         At times we stop enjoying doing our tasks indicating that our passion has died and we no longer feel excited about things we are attempting  

How to REBOOT ?

·         Perform a Need Analysis on self to establish the need for REBOOT and then do a SWOT to identify the gap area(s) in terms of skill, attitude or action
·         If we don’t feel passionate and excited about the current goals, rework and establish goals in alignment with our values. Once new goals are established, start taking small steps towards them
·         In case we feel stuck but still feel excited and passionate about our current goals then we need to identify and list down what is holding us – is it fear, anxiety, failure, some situation or certain people ? Once identified,  focus on what is within our scope of control and can be changed by us
·         Build regular checkpoints towards the goals we are attempting to achieve. This will help take corrective action in time and do a REBOOT right when it is needed
·         Identify activity that would help us in a creative state of mind to review our life in an unbiased and non-judgemental way. It could be Mindfulness, Meditation, Journaling and maybe even Self-Coaching.     
·         Maintain good self-belief and high self-esteem to enable us to improve our self.
·         Take a break / sabbatical and do what we love to and feel happy about. This would put us in a creative state and help us REBOOT   

So, REBOOT life, REWORK on self and RE-INVENT life ! 


  1. is a SWOT a specific thing?
    that is what we used to call study leave before exams in school :P

    Rowan of Rin

    1. Hi Blikachuka, SWOT stands for Strength- Weakness-Opportunity and Threat. It's a form of analysis we can perform to identify the gaps. You can find more about the same in internet. Hope it helps