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Tuesday, 25 April 2017


U is for UNLEASH

As it is said that to have a happy, satisfied life we need to “Live Life” and not just “Make a Living”. Most of the time in our life we just go through the motions, satisfied with just surviving and accepting whatever life throws at us.  It’s only when happiness, satisfaction and success eludes us that we realise that we have not been really “Living Life” and that we are meant to be the “best version” of our self to make our life worthwhile for our self and others. All that we need to do for being our best self in to UNLEASH the immense potential we are born with. The immense power of our brain and our subconscious mind when utilised properly and to the hilt will make us UNSTOPPABLE in all our endeavours and success, happiness and satisfaction won’t just remain an illusion but will turn a REALITY.  Each one of us possess immense potential – the 2 types that I can think of are - 1.  Latent which exists but we may not be aware of and hence not harnessed at all and 2. Visible but not harnessed properly

Why UNLEASHING is important ?

·         To appropriately direct our immense creative energies inside us. This gives us a purpose to utilise our energies properly
·         Opens multiple possibilities and opportunities for us
·         To live a more fulfilling life as we do justice to our ability
·         Achieving as per our capability by building on any missing skill/ knowledge in us

·         Riddance from unwanted fears, doubts and phobias that hold us back from achieving. This builds positive self-esteem
·         Get rid of our limiting beliefs
·         Develop positivity in us as we overcome barriers to success/ happiness and start perceiving things in new light

How to UNLEASH our self ?

·         Realise our passion in life and setup goals that align with it. This will always provide us the necessary inspiration and motivation to pursue and achieve our goals
·         Identify the negatives whether our limiting beliefs, thoughts, fears, phobias and start addressing them through small positive changes/ steps

·         Make a deliberate attempt to challenge our self and move out of our comfort zone by trying new things and stretching our self to go for more
·         Try techniques and activities that build our inner strength like Meditation, Visualisation, Guided Breathing, Yoga
·         Adopt a solution-focused approach to life as this will trigger our inner creativity
·         Build up the gaps in our skills and knowledge through proper training and learning

UNLEASH the greatness inside and be UNSTOPPABLE !


  1. Great post - we all need to live life.

    Dropping by from the A to Z Challenge