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Thursday, 20 April 2017

QUEST for QUIETUDE#AtoZChallenge


Living in this advanced world filled with cacophony of noises from all the technological, information, social and human advancement, what does one desire most ? - It’s the Quest for QUIETUDE. Our monkey mind is an outcome of the chaos and commotion that surrounds us. In our bid to keep pace with the world, we have started living our life in the fast lane resulting in just “going with the motions”. The need is to slow down in our race to live and establish the connect among out body, mind and soul. All that we need to do is build up QUIETUDE in our life. The calmness, stillness and peace that QUIETUDE brings to our life helps us make a transition from “Commotion to Motion”. All that we need to do is connect with our inner self and live in a harmonious manner.

Why QUIETUDE is important ?

·         Helps us take stock of life as it gives us “self-time” and opportunity to analyse our self.  The reality check Quietude provides helps us rework our goals (if need be)
·         QUIETUDE holds relevance in a world which is exploring Minimalist living. Quietude builds in us the much needed traits like patience and acceptance which helps us do away with unwanted in our life.
·         Provides us control over our life and we become better decision maker
·         It is good for our health, whether physical, mental or emotional.  
·         Makes us more serene and a better listener which helps us deal effectively with tough situations as we develop multiple perspective of the situation/ person
·         QUIETUDE is healing in nature as it breeds positivity resulting in release of positive chemicals inside our body
·         Help improve inter-personal relationships

How to build QUIETUDE ?

·         Observe a “gadget free” time where there are no distractions and we are all by our self
·         Build in “Me Time” in your daily schedule. This time is time for relaxation and reflection
·         Declutter life and the best way to do that is to identify the difference between need and want.
·         Be your own benchmark. In today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to be a part of the rat race but deciding to be a better version of our self will help us compete only with our self.
·         Seek Progression instead of Perfection
·         Be selective in what and when you choose to respond to and not fall in the trap of being a slave to technology
·         Build in your routine various activities that help us be more calm and peaceful. Activities like Running, Journaling, Nature Walk, Reading, Yoga and Meditation will help greatly.

Build Quietude and create harmony in your life !


  1. All good stuff. I think that's why I like to walk, bicycle, kayak and sail.

  2. Thanks for your comments :)
    Each one of us have our own way to build quietude in our life. I prefer 3R to for Quietude - Reading,Running and W(R)iting
    Lovely blog you have. enjoyed going through few of your recent posts