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Monday, 24 April 2017

TUNE-IN and TUNE-UP Life !#AtoZChallenge

T is for TUNE-IN 

Many a times in situation of crisis or emergency, we get deeply impacted and struggle in physical, mental or emotional aspects of our life. During these times, when we exhaust all our external resources or support but still need to rise above the obstacles, it becomes imperative to look inwards (within ourself) for help because that’s the only option left available to us. This “Tuning-In” to our inner self is what brings forth the desired courage, confidence, inspiration or motivation to face the challenge/ obstacle and come out victorious. Intuition, Creativity, Conscience, Coincidence, Gut, Hunch are all manifestations of our inner self. The “Inner Voice” acts as our saviour when needed the most and is totally non-judgemental. Our “Inner Self” acts as our guide and advisor when tapped properly.

Why “Tuning-In” is important ?

·         Is the most reliable source of support as we just need to reach within us
·         Every human possess great potential and a huge reservoir of untapped resources which lie latent unless tapped properly
·         Our body possess great self-healing powers and used as an alternate healing option
·         Each one of use is unique and the signals that our body gives us is well aligned to our internal composition
·         Acts as a useful insight into our self
·         Acts as a bridge for those seeking spiritual growth/ evolution
·         Brings harmony in us as we start connecting within and tend to take favourable decisions in life

How to build “Tuning-In” capabilities ?

·         Be more observant/ Pay attention to what’s happening in our life in terms what we know as coincidences.
·         At times, follow  your heart while taking decision. Try and follow the cycle – 1. Relax and Rest the Brain , 2. Connect inwards, 3. Listen to the “inner voice” that’s trying to guide to the next step, 4. Do as the “inner voice” suggest
·         At times, practice to go with the flow in life, just letting it (life) happen
·         Develop patience as it will help us listen to our inner self
·         Do regular positive self-talk to repose faith in our self
·         Ask specific questions to self to get the specific answers
·         Try any of the practices that help us focus on inside. Few practices are Yoga, Meditation, Visualisation and Mindfulness

So, let’s “tune-in” to extraordinary powers within us and “tune-up” for a harmonious and creative life !