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Thursday, 13 April 2017

KNOWLEDGE is the KEY#AtoZChallenge


During those junctures in our life when we are at crossroads (in our personal or professional domains),we strongly feel the need to know more, something extra that will give us and edge and move us further/ forward from this stuck situation.  KNOWLEDGE is this something extra that gives us an edge and holds the key to our success, happiness and satisfaction in life. We live in a knowledge economy and the only way to be ahead of the pack is to acquire more knowledge in the domain we are working. The times we live in require us to go beyond just acquiring standard knowledge but going beyond and acquiring knowledge across other dimensions also which includes cross-knowledge and self-knowledge.   

Why KNOWLEDGE is important ?

·       Facilitates our overall growth (intellectual, social, mental and financial) in our personal and professional space
·       It puts us at an advantage over our competitors in the specific domain(s)
·       It instils in us a desire to learn more and keeps us inquisitive, curious and eager    
·       It turns us into a life-long learner
·       Builds familiarity with facts, information and skills pertinent to the specific subject, topic or domain  
·       Helps us become better decision maker, basing our decision on logic and facts
·       Improves our personality and  improves self-confidence and self-esteem

How to acquire and use KNOWLEDGE more effectively?

·        An understanding of the distinction between information and knowledge
·        Develop the ability to distil relevant knowledge from the vast ocean of available knowledge
·       Identify the exact and reliable sources for seeking/ searching knowledge. The sources referred should provide updated information on the domain areas
·       Apart from acquiring knowledge through learning, be open to acquire knowledge from your experience also
·      To ensure success, supplement knowledge with proper action. Knowledge without action doesn’t yield the desired results. So application of absorbed knowledge is the key to success
·       Develop the habit of knowledge sharing as it will develop new perspectives  

So, always remember that Knowledge is Power and we hold the responsibility for harnessing it for our growth and advancement in life !