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Wednesday, 26 April 2017



We set many goals during the different stages of our life and always look for tools that could support or supplement our goal-achievement process. The entire process of achieving our goals can be made easy if our subconscious starts aiding the process. Our mind possess immense power and can help manifest the desired outcomes that we seek in our life if conditioned well. The technique that uses the power of mind to create images/ pictures of the desired reality and also convinces the subconscious to accept it as reality is known as VISUALISATION. We can create our dream future using the power of VISUALISATION by creating images of that future in present tense, assuming it has already occurred. 

Why VISUALISATION Is important (Benefits)?

·         It helps us achieve our goals
·         Helps us create our dream future vividly
·         Expands our capabilities and help us move beyond our limitations  
·         Enables us to thrive on the immense power of our mind
·         Improves our focus and concentration
·         Improves our overall health as it reduces stress, relaxes our mind, keeps us positive
·         Allows us to take control of our life
·         Encourages us to take risks and go for the impossible

How to ensure Effective Visualisation ?

·        Visualise in present tense and couple it with positive 
      affirmative statements
·         Focus on involving all the senses to make the Visualisation effective
·         Do it regularly and consistently
·         Do it at a distraction free place so that there’s no disturbance
·         Practice, Practice and Practice will make the Visualisation 
      more effective
·         Set up clear goals to make the Visualisation more useful
·        Always engage in positive self-talk as this will help 
      us maintain positive self-esteem and good self-image of 
      our self

So, turn your dreams into reality by using the power of VISUALISATION !


  1. Visualization is essential in my writing. I have to see the scene in my mind to write it. Find me here. LINK

    1. Hi Susanne, I think the approach adopted by you is perfect to re-iterate your goals and dreams

  2. I've often heard this and it seems to work for those who actually do it. But, you can't fake it--pretend to visualize.

    1. I agree with you Jacqui that one can't and shouldn't try to take it . It's more about living the scene in our mind

  3. Great post! I am ready to make my day happen.

    WELLNESS flows into my life.

    Affirmations for a Good Life

    1. Thanks for your nice comments Beth :)

      Your blog is wonderful and I enjoyed going through your posts