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Thursday, 27 April 2017

WILLPOWER makes a WINNER#AtoZChallenge


Many a times winning is more to do with our inner ability and strength rather than the external skill or knowledge. The true test of a winner’s personality is his/ her ability to push themselves towards accomplishing the goal(s) or completing the task at hand in spite of all odds and many challenges. This ability is termed as WILLPOWER and is a necessary personality trait for anyone wanting to achieve great/ big things in life. WILLPOWER connotes inner strength and/ or determination needed to overcome all obstacles and always be inspired to complete the task at hand, those tasks which others may give up because they are hard to finish. 

Why WILLPOWER is important ?

·         Gives us the power of choice – either to give up or move on and be an achiever
·         Enables us to overcome any difficult problem or obstacle 
      with ease
·         Gives us inner strength to take tough actions in life and be ready for any challenge
·         Build us determination to complete the task and achieve the defined goals
·         Helps us move out of our comfort zone and adapt quickly to any kind of CHANGE in life
·         Gives us an edge over our competitors and make us competitive
·         Builds a positive self-image; positively impacts our self-esteem; boosts our self-confidence
·         Builds a strong character person

 How to build WILLPOWER ?

·         See the BIG picture instead of focusing on short-term benefits of achieving any goal
·         Be creative by taking up challenging tasks
·         Develop a solution-oriented mind set to find ways to do things
·         Break up goals into smaller and manageable sub-goals which are easier to track and achieve
·         Develop inner strength through practices like Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation
·         Use Affirmations to build up positive self-image and self-confidence
·         Adopt an action-oriented approach in life – always willing to try out things and attempt them
·         Don’t get overwhelmed with the task/ goal. Think action and the sub-goal
·         Overconfidence is a killer. Don’t assume success. Take every task as new and give it your best try

Let your WILLPOWER be the magic wand of SUCCESS !  

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