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Monday, 17 April 2017


N is for NEMESIS

There are times in our lives when in our quest to achieve success and abundance we falter at the last moment and give it away. What could have been a remarkable achievement turns out to be a dismal failure just because of something that holds us back from crossing the last mile. All of us have our own NEMESIS which play spoilsport. The NEMESIS exist in the form of emotion, situation, event or person and these act as barriers to our growth in life. On all those occasions we have choked at the last moment and not managed to cross the finish line has been because of NEMESIS. They stick on to us permanently (till addressed appropriately ) and become a bane for us. Most of the times the NEMESIS may be attributes to the psychological aspect of our personality. Fear, Anxiety, Peers, Superiors, Big occasions – just about anything could act as a NEMESIS.

Why addressing NEMESIS is critical ?

·         They impact all aspects of our personality – emotional, social and psychological and make us tentative in our personal and professional areas.
·         It acts as an insight into our inner self
·         They act as hindrance towards achieving our goals

·         They impact our inner personality negatively – resulting in low self-confidence and low self-esteem
·         We start playing the victim card in our lives and develop an excuse-ridden approach to life
·         Render us indecisive and doubtful about anything major or big that we attempt to achieve
·         The spirit of competitiveness tends to die in us as our competent nature takes a hit

How to address NEMESIS ?

NEMESIS in our life tends to make us live with assumption that external factors have a role to play in our plight but the reality is that the factors for our sad plight/ inability to cross the finish line are all internal and our individual self is responsible for it. Be it any situation, the power of choice lies with us and this locus of control lies within us and the key to rise above the odds is to negate the nemesis by working on self. Few ways to achieve the same are as mentioned below:

·         Awareness about our Nemesis to clearly identify what needs to be worked upon
·         Self-reflection through SWOT analysis

·         Positive self-talk to establish belief in self and raise self-esteem. This will help raise our self-confidence
·         Practice Visualisation about situation where you want to be succeed  
·         Getting organised and setting proper goals with deadlines
·         Treat failure or the inability to finish as a feedback and improve on the gap areas

So, Negate your Nemesis and earn a life filled with Success, Happiness and Abundance !

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