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Monday, 3 April 2017


C is for CHOICE

Many a time many of us attribute our failure to destiny, luck or fate without realising that these are nothing more than red herring and the real reason for our failure lies very much within our ambit. Each one of us have the power to design our best possible life and this power comes in the form of CHOICE which refers to the ability to CHOOSE. The power of CHOICE is a key determinant of our success in life. Growth or Redundancy; Forward or Backward; Positive or Negative; Success or Failure is all a matter of CHOICES we make. During every moment of our life we have the option to CHOOSE – either to make our life or break our life ! Nothing can demonstrate this power of CHOICE better than the story of Viktor Frankl, the Austrian neurologist/ psychiatrist who founded Logotherapy after surviving 3 years as a captive in Nazi concentration camp. More about Viktor Frankl here 

Why CHOICE is important ?
  • The power to CHOOSE is very empowering and enabling
  • CHOICE gives us control over our life
  • CHOICE presents us with an opportunity to change our life and create out best life
  • CHOICE provides freedom to choose our own path
  • CHOICE prepares us to be a decision-maker in life

How better CHOICES can be made ?
  • The realisation that we are the makers of our destiny will propel us to make positive and progressive choices
  • Setting goals (short-term/ medium-term/ long-term) will ensure that we make better choices that push us closer to our ultimate goal(s) in life
  • At times certain choices may not act in our favour but treating them as feedback would lead us to make better choices next time
  • Not getting overwhelmed with the circumstances/ situations and focusing purely on our response will lead to better choice.

Whether you want to CREATE your best life or CHANGE for better, utilise the power of CHOICE.

Summing it up with a link to this short video on you tube. Hope you like it !  

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