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Friday, 7 April 2017

FOCUS to move FORWARD#AtoZChallenge

F is for FOCUS

We live in an age where we are surrounded by irresistible distractions (internet, technology) resulting in reduced attention span. It’s a case of plenty resulting in empty ( in terms of achievement). The need of the hour is to develop FOCUS in us which in turn builds up the requisite qualities like concentration and attention span that helps us to survive in this dynamic world laden with information overload. FOCUS is all about paying attention to right things i.e. things that matter most in terms of importance in our  life. Daniel Goleman has very nicely established the importance of Focus in our lives and defined 3 types of Focus – 1. Inner (Self Awareness) , 2. Other (Empathy) and 3. Outer (Awareness of our environment). Let’s explore the other facets of FOCUS -

Why FOCUS is important ?

·         It defines purpose of our life and gives us a direction to move in
·         Establishes traction on our goals as focused approach ensures forward movement

·         Builds an eye for detail as when we focus on something we absorb it wholly
·         Gives us better control over our life in terms of time and attention
·         Makes us an achiever as focus keeps us sufficiently motivated to cross the finish line
·         Makes us more productive as we start accomplishing more
·         Saves us energy and effort as we do away with unfinished tasks
·         Builds up Positivity in us

How to build FOCUS ?

·         Limit the information we consume so that we have as many tasks as we can handle
·         Have a clearly defined agenda for the day/ week/ month so that energies could be directed on those
·         Practice doing one thing at a time. Interpret this statement to signify that finish what you start before you move to the next  task
·         Magnify what you want to focus on so that other irrelevancies are out of the frame

·         Chunk down goals/ tasks into smaller manageable pieces
·         Maintain a checklist/tracker/ journal to keep track of your progress
·         Track how you spend your time, whether on Important or Urgent tasks  
·         Don’t get overwhelmed with the tasks/ goals
·         Develop Listening skills as this will develop patience in us

·         Practice Minimalist living as this will teach us how to be satisfied with less 

Always remember that we give power to what we focus on so focus on the right things !

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