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Saturday, 22 April 2017

START ensures SUCCESS#AtoZChallenge

S is for START

We are always seeking success in our endeavours and one of the tangible ways to measure success is the number of goals we achieve in our life.  Most of the time success eludes us because of the wide gap that exists between our aspirations and achievements. We set many goals but lot of them remain unachieved and one of the key reason for the same is our inability to take the first step towards the goal i.e. make a START. The importance of START could well be understood from the following 2 age-old quotes –

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu” and Beginning is half done 

We may plan as much but must complement it by taking first step towards it. Goal-Setting is useless in the absence of Goal-Getting

Why START is important ?

·         The beginning is always critical as it shows our passion and intent towards our goal
·         Moves us out of inertia mode and puts us in motion which is so important to push us out of our “comfort zone” and keep us moving towards our goals
·         Builds momentum in our thoughts and actions and keeps traction intact
·         Keeps us stress free and relaxed
·         Helps us avoid getting overwhelmed with the number of tasks to execute/ goals to achieve
·         Builds self-confidence as every little success counts and encourages us for the next

How to ensure an effective START ?
·         Identify goals that we relate to and feel passionate about achieving
·         Start small, one step at a time. It’s all about being in motion
·         Equip our self with the resources required to START and then take action
·         While setting goals, we should ensure that we create a POA (Plan of Action) detailing steps needed to achieve the goals
·         “Think Macro, Act Micro”  should be our motto which will ensure that even when we make a START, say with a small, little step we are still clear about the big picture that we are working towards  
·         Not worry much about getting the perfect START. It’s about the first step and along the way we will get opportunities to do correction.

Always remember that START is the first step towards FINISH and the best time to START is right NOW !


  1. I think that sometimes getting started is the hardest part!

    Cait @ Click's Clan

    1. I agree that beginning is always the toughest part but it's also true that beginning is half done