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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

PURPOSE is POWER#AtoZChallenge

P is for PURPOSE

Life is all about living to grow, evolve and achieve and for this to happen, life needs to be in forward movement always. We need to be constantly striving to reach our destination, all excited and enthused. This driving force which pulls us towards our goal/ destination is PURPOSE, the thing that gives meaning to our life.  We can’t live our life like a rudderless boat, going where the wind takes us. We need to be sure about the direction we want to take. To make our existence worthwhile we need on earth, we need to be aware of what we live for, what we seek, what impact we want to make on others through our existence. For making it happen, we need to harness the POWER of PURPOSE and turn it (Purpose) into a catalyst of our progress in life. PURPOSE is also like our underlying philosophy to live our life.

Why PURPOSE is important ?

  • It brings clarity in our life as we get to know our expectations
  • It provides direction to our life. We get to understand the path we need to tread finish point we need an
  • It establishes the philosophy to live our life. This philosophy guides all our actions and moves us closer to our goal
  • It gives meaning to our life as we develop intrinsic motivation to keep giving it our best
  • It makes us more productive and efficient as all our energies are focused on our identified  purpose
  • It makes us an achiever as we keep accomplishing things aligned with our life’s PURPOSE
  • It helps us get focused and in control of our life
  • It challenges us, push us to our limits and enable us reach our full potential
How to identify PURPOSE ?
  • Identify what we are most passionate about and what gives us feeling of satisfaction. The answer to this would be our PURPOSE in life
  • Identify our fundamental values in life and the reason/ logic for these would be our PURPOSE
  • Define goals that align with our fundamental values. Detailing the goals further in terms of objectives and outcomes will help us arrive at our PURPOSE
  • Deep reflection of our interest and passion will unmask our PURPOSE to us
  • Identify doing what gives the maximum satisfaction and a sense of achievement
  • The act of critically questioning ourself will help boil down to our PURPOSE
  •  Be creative and try out new things. This may reveal us our missing PURPOSE
  • Engage in activities/ exercise that help connect us with our subconscious. Meditation, Yoga and Visualisation are few such activities
So, Live with PURPOSE and make a real DIFFERENCE ! 


  1. Narinder,

    Life without purpose has no direction or meaning. We all need a driving force to make our lives useful and complete. Having a purpose is what makes our lives satisfying. A fear I had prior to our kids leaving the nest was, "What will be my purpose after they are gone?" I discovered although one of my purposes ended a new one began. One of your key points "be creative and try out new things"is one I set in motion last month finding a new purpose with my A2Z theme Art Sketching Through the Alphabet and I hope you'll join me today. Great post. Thanks for sharing! Happy A2Zing!

    ~Curious as a Cathy

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments and re-iterating the need to have a Purpose in life. I visited your blog and wanted to share it's indeed a wonderful blog - so creative and unique !

  2. Life without a purpose is a life wasted. No purpose is small and something like keeping your family happy and secure is equally important as changing the world. Just the intent to pursue the purpose should be clear.

    1. So true Neha - the PURPOSE may not be grandiose and it could be as noble as keeping the family happy :)

  3. Ship without a rudder... cant sail. So is life. Life without purpose simply drifts away.
    Good read indeed.
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

    1. Thanks for your comments :)
      your blog posts are wonderful !

  4. Narinder, it took me a while to know that writing is my true passion that connects me with God. However, some activities that I took up in life as a duty proved my purpose in life later. Learnt so much after reading your blog.

    1. Hi Geethica, thanks for your comments and so wonderfully you have described where our purpose/ passion could lead us to . It was indeed soothing to read your comments