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Saturday, 8 April 2017

GOALS ensure GROWTH#AtoZChallenge

G is for GOALS

Our Success and growth in life is measured by our accomplishments which are represented by our goals. The forward momentum in life is an outcome of our action towards our goals. GOALS are like the checkpoints in our life which tell us whether we are moving in the direction of our identified purpose. GOALS hold importance in our lives as they act as the roadmaps for us . They are like the destination points in our lives. The absence of GOALS could be related to a rocking chair, which keeps moving but not achieving anything.     

Why GOALS are important ?
  • They define purpose in our lives
  • They give direction to our efforts
  • They help us move forward
  • They turn us into achievers
  • They help us maintain work-life balance by helping us focus on all spheres of life
  • They provide us confidence, raise our self-esteem, turn us into a go-getter.
  • They make us dream big (and achieve it too !)

How to achieve GOALS ?
  • Set realistic and achievable goals well aligned with our passion and purpose
  • Ensure that goals are holistic in nature encompassing all major spheres of our life
  • Break goals into short, medium and long-term to make them more achievable and manageable
  • Get rid of distractions/ deterrents and build focus towards the goals
  • Set Goals that are challenging (but achievable) and within our available resources
  • Make a transition from goal-setting to goal-getting as mere planning would not ensure achievement/ completion of the tasks.
  • Inculcate the habit of writing down goals. This would activate the RAS (Reticular Activating System) which would ensure that our brain start focusing on the goals.
  • Internalising our goals through Creative Imagery. Imagining ourself as having already achieved the goal(s) through all our senses make it appear real to our subconscious which helps in taking positive actions.
  • Reinforcing self with positive affirmations whenever we achieve a mini-goal will keep us focused on taking necessary actions for accomplishing major/ BIG goals.

So GET SET and GO for your GOALS !

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