Saturday, 29 April 2017

ZEAL takes us to ZENITH#AtoZChallenge

Z is for "ZEAL"

We always aspire to reach the Zenith in our life and this gets manifested in the form of our
aspirations. But many a times our half-hearted efforts results in unachieved goals and a gap persist between our Inspiration and Aspiration.  Even though we are inspired to achieve our aspiration triggered goals, still there’s something that holds us back from achieving our goals. This missing piece is “ZEAL” which ensures sustained movement towards our goal(s). ZEAL refers to enthusiasm and excitement that is so much needed to keep us inspired always.  

Why ZEAL is important ?
·         Helps us achieve our goals
·         Keeps us passionate about our actions/ tasks
·         ZEAL breeds positive energy that is necessary to move forward  
·         We become a positive influencer for people around us
·         It provides direction to our efforts , so we need to ensure that it’s channelized in the right direction
·         Keeps us in a creative frame of mind and ensures better problem-solving and decision making

How to ensure “ZEAL” in life ?

·         An early diagnosis of our goals would help us ensure that we are pursuing the right goals
·         In case the ZEAL is missing, we must  change our goals and pick the ones that excite us and make us enthusiastic
·         Adopting an optimistic mind set ensures positive outlook towards life
·         Build in sufficient “self-time” to pursue our hobbies and calming activities like mindfulness, meditation and yoga. This will bring more clarity about  our goals in life
·         Build proper checkpoints to keep us on track. Also do a regular review of goals and  do the necessary correction whenever required

“ZEAL” is the backbone of  a Progressive Life ! 

YEARN for YIN_YANG#AtoZChallenge

Y is for YIN-YANG

PERFECTION and BALANCE are 2 things that each one of us is striving for in our life. But the irony is that we are trying to achieve it in a completely non-conducive environment which consist of a world that’s overflowing with information & knowledge; mind that is filled to the brim with chaos and commotion and a body that is all the time busy multi-tasking. We are aiming for the improbable considering the dynamic eco-system we live and operate in. The best way to achieve balance is to seek progression instead of perfection and move forward. The moment we start accepting the duality of everything in life, we will achieve balance in life. This principle of duality is YIN-YANG, a concept/ approach which helps us deal effectively with uncertainties of life - ups and downs, good times and bad times, opportunities and challenges.

Why is YIN-YANG important ?

·      Life is never a smooth ride and we need to deal with adversity as well. YIN-YANG prepares us for dealing with the downs in life and move ahead in life
·   Adopting the YIN-YANG approach build in us the requisite mental strength to deal with difficulties
·        YIN-YANG prepares us to build multiple perspectives
·        YIN-YANG helps us perceive the adversities as natural       happenings and not get bogged down by them 

How to balance YIN-YANG ?

·         Accepting failures and negative events in our life as natural occurrences, similar to the positive ones
·         Focus on achieving balance in all aspects of life – work, home, relationships, etc. The more all these aspects are in harmony, the more balanced our life will be
·         Include practices like mindfulness, meditation and yoga which connect us to our inner self
·         Practice gratitude and be thankful for everything in life
·         Declutter life to attract clarity and positivity in life

 Bring YIN-YANG in life and live holistically forever ! 

Friday, 28 April 2017

"X-FACTOR" avoids being a "XEROX"#AtoZChallenge

X is for "X-FACTOR"

“Survival of the fittest” is the mantra for success in this highly competitive world. There is a cut-throat competition everywhere and in everything. To come out victorious we need to outclass our competitors and also be the preferred choice.  To stand apart from the crowd we need to be unique in something, possess some special talent, develop some special skill/ knowledge which is what is termed as “X-FACTOR”.  This “X-FACTOR” is the real differentiator for us which separates us from the rest of the crowd and puts us right there in front and in limelight. “X-FACTOR” is what we excel at.

Why “X-FACTOR” is important ?

·         It makes us more charismatic and creates a magnetic effect in our personality
·         It is an important trait in our personality which differentiates us from others and determines our success
·         Gives us an extra edge over our competitors in situations where every competitor meets the basic mandated requirement of education, skills and knowledge and something unique or different plays the deciding factor
·         It paves the way for us to move forward in life
·         It boosts our self-esteem and confidence as we find worth in our existence
·         It helps us identify our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which helps us direct our energy and effort on our unique talent, skill or passion

How to identify/ develop “X-FACTOR” ?

·         Exploring our interests and passion helps us identify our “X-FACTOR”. What excites us and keeps us involved is most probably our “X-FACTOR”.
·         If in various social situations, people approach us and show keenness to interact with us because of our certain behaviour/ attitude then that’s an indication of our “X-FACTOR” at play
·         Once identified, it’s important to develop it further to retain that extra edge in our personality and capitalise on the opportunities that come our way.
·         Hone your “X-FACTOR” skills as much as possible by practicing it over and over again, Be an Outlier by doing it for 10,000 hours
·         Try bettering at the “X-FACTOR” by doing it with interest and attention

Let your X-FACTOR make you a WINNER !

Thursday, 27 April 2017

WILLPOWER makes a WINNER#AtoZChallenge


Many a times winning is more to do with our inner ability and strength rather than the external skill or knowledge. The true test of a winner’s personality is his/ her ability to push themselves towards accomplishing the goal(s) or completing the task at hand in spite of all odds and many challenges. This ability is termed as WILLPOWER and is a necessary personality trait for anyone wanting to achieve great/ big things in life. WILLPOWER connotes inner strength and/ or determination needed to overcome all obstacles and always be inspired to complete the task at hand, those tasks which others may give up because they are hard to finish. 

Why WILLPOWER is important ?

·         Gives us the power of choice – either to give up or move on and be an achiever
·         Enables us to overcome any difficult problem or obstacle 
      with ease
·         Gives us inner strength to take tough actions in life and be ready for any challenge
·         Build us determination to complete the task and achieve the defined goals
·         Helps us move out of our comfort zone and adapt quickly to any kind of CHANGE in life
·         Gives us an edge over our competitors and make us competitive
·         Builds a positive self-image; positively impacts our self-esteem; boosts our self-confidence
·         Builds a strong character person

 How to build WILLPOWER ?

·         See the BIG picture instead of focusing on short-term benefits of achieving any goal
·         Be creative by taking up challenging tasks
·         Develop a solution-oriented mind set to find ways to do things
·         Break up goals into smaller and manageable sub-goals which are easier to track and achieve
·         Develop inner strength through practices like Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation
·         Use Affirmations to build up positive self-image and self-confidence
·         Adopt an action-oriented approach in life – always willing to try out things and attempt them
·         Don’t get overwhelmed with the task/ goal. Think action and the sub-goal
·         Overconfidence is a killer. Don’t assume success. Take every task as new and give it your best try

Let your WILLPOWER be the magic wand of SUCCESS !  

Wednesday, 26 April 2017



We set many goals during the different stages of our life and always look for tools that could support or supplement our goal-achievement process. The entire process of achieving our goals can be made easy if our subconscious starts aiding the process. Our mind possess immense power and can help manifest the desired outcomes that we seek in our life if conditioned well. The technique that uses the power of mind to create images/ pictures of the desired reality and also convinces the subconscious to accept it as reality is known as VISUALISATION. We can create our dream future using the power of VISUALISATION by creating images of that future in present tense, assuming it has already occurred. 

Why VISUALISATION Is important (Benefits)?

·         It helps us achieve our goals
·         Helps us create our dream future vividly
·         Expands our capabilities and help us move beyond our limitations  
·         Enables us to thrive on the immense power of our mind
·         Improves our focus and concentration
·         Improves our overall health as it reduces stress, relaxes our mind, keeps us positive
·         Allows us to take control of our life
·         Encourages us to take risks and go for the impossible

How to ensure Effective Visualisation ?

·        Visualise in present tense and couple it with positive 
      affirmative statements
·         Focus on involving all the senses to make the Visualisation effective
·         Do it regularly and consistently
·         Do it at a distraction free place so that there’s no disturbance
·         Practice, Practice and Practice will make the Visualisation 
      more effective
·         Set up clear goals to make the Visualisation more useful
·        Always engage in positive self-talk as this will help 
      us maintain positive self-esteem and good self-image of 
      our self

So, turn your dreams into reality by using the power of VISUALISATION !

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


U is for UNLEASH

As it is said that to have a happy, satisfied life we need to “Live Life” and not just “Make a Living”. Most of the time in our life we just go through the motions, satisfied with just surviving and accepting whatever life throws at us.  It’s only when happiness, satisfaction and success eludes us that we realise that we have not been really “Living Life” and that we are meant to be the “best version” of our self to make our life worthwhile for our self and others. All that we need to do for being our best self in to UNLEASH the immense potential we are born with. The immense power of our brain and our subconscious mind when utilised properly and to the hilt will make us UNSTOPPABLE in all our endeavours and success, happiness and satisfaction won’t just remain an illusion but will turn a REALITY.  Each one of us possess immense potential – the 2 types that I can think of are - 1.  Latent which exists but we may not be aware of and hence not harnessed at all and 2. Visible but not harnessed properly

Why UNLEASHING is important ?

·         To appropriately direct our immense creative energies inside us. This gives us a purpose to utilise our energies properly
·         Opens multiple possibilities and opportunities for us
·         To live a more fulfilling life as we do justice to our ability
·         Achieving as per our capability by building on any missing skill/ knowledge in us

·         Riddance from unwanted fears, doubts and phobias that hold us back from achieving. This builds positive self-esteem
·         Get rid of our limiting beliefs
·         Develop positivity in us as we overcome barriers to success/ happiness and start perceiving things in new light

How to UNLEASH our self ?

·         Realise our passion in life and setup goals that align with it. This will always provide us the necessary inspiration and motivation to pursue and achieve our goals
·         Identify the negatives whether our limiting beliefs, thoughts, fears, phobias and start addressing them through small positive changes/ steps

·         Make a deliberate attempt to challenge our self and move out of our comfort zone by trying new things and stretching our self to go for more
·         Try techniques and activities that build our inner strength like Meditation, Visualisation, Guided Breathing, Yoga
·         Adopt a solution-focused approach to life as this will trigger our inner creativity
·         Build up the gaps in our skills and knowledge through proper training and learning

UNLEASH the greatness inside and be UNSTOPPABLE !

Monday, 24 April 2017

TUNE-IN and TUNE-UP Life !#AtoZChallenge

T is for TUNE-IN 

Many a times in situation of crisis or emergency, we get deeply impacted and struggle in physical, mental or emotional aspects of our life. During these times, when we exhaust all our external resources or support but still need to rise above the obstacles, it becomes imperative to look inwards (within ourself) for help because that’s the only option left available to us. This “Tuning-In” to our inner self is what brings forth the desired courage, confidence, inspiration or motivation to face the challenge/ obstacle and come out victorious. Intuition, Creativity, Conscience, Coincidence, Gut, Hunch are all manifestations of our inner self. The “Inner Voice” acts as our saviour when needed the most and is totally non-judgemental. Our “Inner Self” acts as our guide and advisor when tapped properly.

Why “Tuning-In” is important ?

·         Is the most reliable source of support as we just need to reach within us
·         Every human possess great potential and a huge reservoir of untapped resources which lie latent unless tapped properly
·         Our body possess great self-healing powers and used as an alternate healing option
·         Each one of use is unique and the signals that our body gives us is well aligned to our internal composition
·         Acts as a useful insight into our self
·         Acts as a bridge for those seeking spiritual growth/ evolution
·         Brings harmony in us as we start connecting within and tend to take favourable decisions in life

How to build “Tuning-In” capabilities ?

·         Be more observant/ Pay attention to what’s happening in our life in terms what we know as coincidences.
·         At times, follow  your heart while taking decision. Try and follow the cycle – 1. Relax and Rest the Brain , 2. Connect inwards, 3. Listen to the “inner voice” that’s trying to guide to the next step, 4. Do as the “inner voice” suggest
·         At times, practice to go with the flow in life, just letting it (life) happen
·         Develop patience as it will help us listen to our inner self
·         Do regular positive self-talk to repose faith in our self
·         Ask specific questions to self to get the specific answers
·         Try any of the practices that help us focus on inside. Few practices are Yoga, Meditation, Visualisation and Mindfulness

So, let’s “tune-in” to extraordinary powers within us and “tune-up” for a harmonious and creative life !

Saturday, 22 April 2017

START ensures SUCCESS#AtoZChallenge

S is for START

We are always seeking success in our endeavours and one of the tangible ways to measure success is the number of goals we achieve in our life.  Most of the time success eludes us because of the wide gap that exists between our aspirations and achievements. We set many goals but lot of them remain unachieved and one of the key reason for the same is our inability to take the first step towards the goal i.e. make a START. The importance of START could well be understood from the following 2 age-old quotes –

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu” and Beginning is half done 

We may plan as much but must complement it by taking first step towards it. Goal-Setting is useless in the absence of Goal-Getting

Why START is important ?

·         The beginning is always critical as it shows our passion and intent towards our goal
·         Moves us out of inertia mode and puts us in motion which is so important to push us out of our “comfort zone” and keep us moving towards our goals
·         Builds momentum in our thoughts and actions and keeps traction intact
·         Keeps us stress free and relaxed
·         Helps us avoid getting overwhelmed with the number of tasks to execute/ goals to achieve
·         Builds self-confidence as every little success counts and encourages us for the next

How to ensure an effective START ?
·         Identify goals that we relate to and feel passionate about achieving
·         Start small, one step at a time. It’s all about being in motion
·         Equip our self with the resources required to START and then take action
·         While setting goals, we should ensure that we create a POA (Plan of Action) detailing steps needed to achieve the goals
·         “Think Macro, Act Micro”  should be our motto which will ensure that even when we make a START, say with a small, little step we are still clear about the big picture that we are working towards  
·         Not worry much about getting the perfect START. It’s about the first step and along the way we will get opportunities to do correction.

Always remember that START is the first step towards FINISH and the best time to START is right NOW !

Friday, 21 April 2017

REBOOT life to REINVENT#AtoZChallenge

R is for REBOOT

Setbacks and Failures are as much a part of our life as Success and Advancement. An indication of a successful life is not considered in terms of how many times have we succeeded or failed but in terms of how many times have we come up trumps in spite of barriers and hang-ups, some predictable and some unforeseen. Many a times in our life we get stuck at some point and lose vision of way forward. This happen due to various reasons, some of which are  1. choosing a wrong goal, 2. taking inappropriate actions, 3. Living in our comfort zone , 4. Unconducive environment/ eco-system to operate.  But irrespective of the reason, we get impacted at mental, physical and emotional level making us susceptible to failure and regression. The haze and lack of clarity demands a REBOOT of our life to sort things out, seek clarity and move forward. The way, a computer needs a reboot when it stops responding or gets stuck, likewise our life also needs a REBOOT to help us troubleshoot  life and put us back in a state of readiness to face life's challenges.

Why REBOOT is necessary ?

·         First and foremost, because all of us want to progress in life and be an accomplisher
·         Provides an opportunity to do a SWOT for our self and identify the gaps holding us back from moving forward in life
·         When procrastination and avoidance sets in our attitude/ approach indicating a look into the reasons for the same
·         At times we may go off-track of lose clarity about our goals and actions
·         Acts as a checkpoint to take stock of our purpose, goals and actions in life
·         Acts as a calming point when we get overwhelmed with goals, tasks and situations in life
·         At times we stop enjoying doing our tasks indicating that our passion has died and we no longer feel excited about things we are attempting  

How to REBOOT ?

·         Perform a Need Analysis on self to establish the need for REBOOT and then do a SWOT to identify the gap area(s) in terms of skill, attitude or action
·         If we don’t feel passionate and excited about the current goals, rework and establish goals in alignment with our values. Once new goals are established, start taking small steps towards them
·         In case we feel stuck but still feel excited and passionate about our current goals then we need to identify and list down what is holding us – is it fear, anxiety, failure, some situation or certain people ? Once identified,  focus on what is within our scope of control and can be changed by us
·         Build regular checkpoints towards the goals we are attempting to achieve. This will help take corrective action in time and do a REBOOT right when it is needed
·         Identify activity that would help us in a creative state of mind to review our life in an unbiased and non-judgemental way. It could be Mindfulness, Meditation, Journaling and maybe even Self-Coaching.     
·         Maintain good self-belief and high self-esteem to enable us to improve our self.
·         Take a break / sabbatical and do what we love to and feel happy about. This would put us in a creative state and help us REBOOT   

So, REBOOT life, REWORK on self and RE-INVENT life !