Friday, 14 April 2017

MINDFULNESS is the MANTRA for Living#AtoZChallenge


We live in a highly chaotic and confusing world and surviving here is a big challenge. The dynamic nature of the world we live in which is laden with the technological advancements and information overload y leaves us completed restless, aggressive, distracted, un attentive, disengaged and unfocused. The world presents us a choice of plenty but leaves us with energy for little as we struggle to focus and concentrate and ultimately accomplish very little or less than what we could have as per our potential and capability. The simplest solution to help us survive in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) is MINDFULNESS. Simply defining, MINDFULNESS refers to our ability to be fully “present in the moment”, being completely aware of where we are and what we’re doing. It refers to us being fully present in the moment with all our senses, thereby accepting things as they occur and moving on.

Why MINDFULNESS is important ?

·         Acts as a coping mechanism during tough times  
·         Helps us manage change well
·         Improves our mental and physical health by building in us qualities like patience, attention, focus, concentration and acceptance. We develop the ability to finish things one at a time and become a better accomplisher in life
·         Helps us to relax by managing stress effectively.

·         Prepares us to handle difficult and tough situations at workplace and in our personal lives also

·         Gives us better control over ourself  and provides a better understanding of self
·         Makes us emotionally balanced and maintain work-life balance. We are able to manages unhealthy emotions like anger, depression, anxiety more effectively
·         Helps us be more calm always without overreacting to or getting overwhelmed with our surroundings or situations
·         Makes us more creative and innovative
·         Develops our personality holistically 

How to develop MINDFULNESS ?
·         Attempt one thing at a time. Take up a task, finish it and then move on to the next. This will make us expend all our energy, focus and attention on the task at hand
·         Deliberately involve all your senses in whatever activity, task being executed even simple daily activities or household chores

·         Develop the habit of building multiple perspectives towards things. Incorporate  OPV (Other People’s View)  in your daily thinking
·         Do exercises that help regulate breathing like Yoga, Guided Breathing, Visualisation, etc.
·         Build some quality “self-time” in daily routine, about 10 minutes.  During this period, cut off from all the distractions and practice thoughtlessnes   
·         Practice Visualisation as it helps involve our senses to create the experience
·         Try practicing Minimalist Living 

So, be MINDFUL of what you do and you will do it BEST !


  1. Nice post. Had similar thoughts today. Do check out a story by Sudha Murthy I shared today
    M for Mind full or Mindful?

    1. Thanks Archana :)
      I did read your wonderful post and the story was very apt.