Saturday, 8 July 2017

Are You Living A "Subset of Life"?

If accomplishing Money, Fame and Power defines our success in life then why is it so that many of us still feel a certain hollowness/ vacuum inside us; a hollowness that prods us to reflect on self and
then ask many probing questions such as

" Is my life turning into a blob?"

"Why am i not satisfied with my life?"

"Why do i feel a body-mind-soul disconnect?"

"Why do i still desire more of what i already have (money, power)"?

"Why does internal happiness still elude me?"

"What is missing in my life?"

We may think we are treading a path and moving towards a destination but it's actually a directionless pursuit leading to a land of obsession and desire. All this self brooding converge towards a serious food for thought which is

"Am I living a subset of life?"

"Why don't all my accomplishments in life (money, fame and power) provide me with real joy, peace or satisfaction and merely add up (cumulatively) to only become a subset of my life?"

The answer is revealing and requires a discerning insight into our approach towards life. The fact is
that we are focusing on high-end subsistence, thereby diluting the actual aim of our existence which is to live with purpose. That purpose gets clear to us the moment we check the ripple effect that our individual life generates. If the ripple effect is missing, the purpose is missing and it's only a self-centered life we are living by catering to our own needs.

The real joy and satisfaction in our life appears when the ripple effect generated by our actions positively impacts others and bring joy in their lives too. The moment the realization dawns on us that there is a life beyond our "personal self", that is when we start giving a purpose and meaning to our life and our existence. The transition from "ME" to "WE" is when the transformation occurs in us.

We don't really need a long checklist to identify whether we are living a "subset of life". The following pointers would act as a good reference
  • Do we have a bigger Purpose identified for our life beyond the high-end subsistence?
  • Whether all our actions and goals align with out purpose and mission
  • At night, when we retire for the day, do we sleep with satisfaction with a feeling that we spent our day well and contributed our best for a larger cause than just fulfilling our own desires and needs
  • At dawn, when we wake up, do we feel a surge of energy and excitement to live the day     
Let's make our existence count and move beyond mere subsistence. Let's create a Super Life by bringing Purpose and Mission in our existence !

Thursday, 6 July 2017

The 4 Cardinal "Cs" of Life !

A successful life is built upon layers of goals achieved by us. If we aim to accomplish all our goals in life then we need to ensure forward momentum in life. Every step we take should be progressive, thereby ensuring our growth. Challenges and Opportunities would never cease to crop up in our journey to success so we need to be well prepared to confront these challenges, address them appropriately and take advantage of these opportunities. One of the simple, easy and effective way to sustain our forward momentum in and progress in life is to harness the power of 4 Cs. The 4 Cs are simple elements which when adopted and mastered would not only put us in better control of our life but also propel us towards achieving greater heights in life. All that stands between us and success is a better understanding of these 4 Cs and their application in our lives. 

Let's explore these 4 essential building blocks of better life

The 4 Cs are - Choice, Change, Consequences and Correction. They are well connected and act as feeder to each other. Their convergence point is a point of guaranteed unlimited success. Let's understand what each of the 4 C stand for: 
  • Choice - When opportunity strikes, it's time to decide and choose. The power of choice is always within our control and our choice decides whether we move closer to our goal or away from it. What we choose is what we become.
  • Change - The process of change is always uncomfortable initially but the mere resolve to be ready for change/ transformation is the deciding factor. Our willingness or unwillingness to change (after weighing all pros and cons) determines whether stay put in our comfort zone and be a mediocre achiever or we move into our creative zone and live our best possible life
  • Consequences - Every choice that we make in our life has a flip side to it. Being wary of the unfavorable conditions and having a plan to deal with them put us in better control of those situations and our life.
  • Correction - Every step/ action towards our goal may highlight certain gaps that need to be plugged in to continue our forward movement. Our ability to gain insight into what holds us back and then doing the needful to mend it is what ensures our steady progress towards success.  
In a nutshell, the 4Cs mantra is 

"Choose to Change, anticipate the Consequences, be prepared to do the necessary Correction and then Carry on Creating an awesome life"

Monday, 26 June 2017

When Questions Become the Answers!

The Art of Self-Questioning 

Questioning has always been a powerful tool for humans to delve deep into our personality and gain insight and understanding of human behavior and growth. Socrates, the great philosopher used the power of questioning to great effect and demonstrated how effective questioning could yield the desirable results aligned well with our defined objectives.  “Socratic Questioning” is still used as a powerful technique for building critical thinking.

Life is a continuous pursuance of our dreams and desires with no in-built checks or auto-correction in place. To keep progressing in life, it’s essential that we regularly stop, step back, reflect, correct and then again move forward with better clarity and renewed energy.  There can’t be any better way for doing this than “Self-Questioning”.  When we perfect the art of “self-questioning”, our questions become the answers to whatever holds us back. Let’s dive a little into what makes the process of “self-questioning” more effective and useful

Why is Self-Questioning important?

Growth, Progression and Achievement are 3 cornerstone of a successful life. Questioning helps identify the strengths and barriers and the act of questioning to self creates alignment with our Purpose, Goals and Actions. From thereon, the self-questioning process helps us reflect, review, make necessary correction and restart.

Self-Questioning is the most important form of self-talk that we do. It establishes a connect with our inner self to bring out the powers and resources lying latent in us.

Framing Questions

When Question itself becomes the Answer, then it becomes crucial to develop a robust framework that generates the appropriate questions that we should be asking yourself. When indulging in self-questioning, we should frame questions starting with the following:
  •          Where do I stand now? (Status quo)
  •          What do I want to achieve in life? (Purpose and Goals)
  •          Why do I want to achieve the above Purpose and Goals? (Rationale)
  •          How do I plan to achieve your goals? (Strategy)
  •          (By) When do I want to achieve them? (Deadline)

To sum it up, a robust framework of self-questioning is built by seamlessly integrating self-coaching principles in the entire process!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

When Emotions play Dominoes

There are times in our life that we can recollect when we slumped from bad to worse or rose from good to better/ best. Those times and incidents not only leave us surprised/ shocked but also in wonderment of why and how it happened to us. What could have triggered such a drastic change in an instant, taking us from a point of control/ manageability to a point where things just seem to be sliding away from our grip. The culprit here is none other than our EMOTIONS, the element of our personality that’s most talked about but least understood. Many a times Emotions get tricky and play dominoes in our life if not checked and managed in time. Emotions, per se, are neither good or bad and it’s only our interpretation in the context and our reaction thereafter that lets the emotions loose and starts the dominoes effect.

As we move into a sphere of interaction with self or surroundings (environment and people), one of the basic emotions gets activated inside us. This basic emotion assumes proportion based on the intensity of our thoughts and interaction. This intensity sets the dominoes effect in motion and impact us in 2 major ways

  1.  our activated emotions take a leap from a mild form to a more extreme one, which is not only stronger but very overwhelming too. Once it assumes the stronger format then it becomes extremely difficult to manage the emotions  
  2. affects us at all levels – mental, physical and spiritual. The dominoes may trigger at one level but then encapsulates the other also. 
Irrespective of the nature of emotion (positive or negative, based on our perception), there’s always a danger of dominoes effect happening. Whatever is the nature, the dominoes effect will put us in a highly energised state and this will be very difficult to tame or to harness. More damage is done when the emotion is negative as it severely makes a dent at our subconscious level hitting at our esteem and confidence.

To halt this roller coaster ride of emotions and stop the dominoes effect of emotions, all that is required is to 
  • Accept that emotions exist and are an integral part of our personality. Nothing could re-iterate this fact more clearly than the existence of “Emotional Brain” in us 
  • Understand the damage the emotions could inflict on us
  • Learn to identify emotions in our self as they occur. Move from a thinking state to feeling state in situations
  • Learn to manage the emotions right when they occur by positive and productive actions/ behaviour

So, let’s get the ball rolling and stop the emotions juggernaut ! 

Saturday, 29 April 2017

ZEAL takes us to ZENITH#AtoZChallenge

Z is for "ZEAL"

We always aspire to reach the Zenith in our life and this gets manifested in the form of our
aspirations. But many a times our half-hearted efforts results in unachieved goals and a gap persist between our Inspiration and Aspiration.  Even though we are inspired to achieve our aspiration triggered goals, still there’s something that holds us back from achieving our goals. This missing piece is “ZEAL” which ensures sustained movement towards our goal(s). ZEAL refers to enthusiasm and excitement that is so much needed to keep us inspired always.  

Why ZEAL is important ?
·         Helps us achieve our goals
·         Keeps us passionate about our actions/ tasks
·         ZEAL breeds positive energy that is necessary to move forward  
·         We become a positive influencer for people around us
·         It provides direction to our efforts , so we need to ensure that it’s channelized in the right direction
·         Keeps us in a creative frame of mind and ensures better problem-solving and decision making

How to ensure “ZEAL” in life ?

·         An early diagnosis of our goals would help us ensure that we are pursuing the right goals
·         In case the ZEAL is missing, we must  change our goals and pick the ones that excite us and make us enthusiastic
·         Adopting an optimistic mind set ensures positive outlook towards life
·         Build in sufficient “self-time” to pursue our hobbies and calming activities like mindfulness, meditation and yoga. This will bring more clarity about  our goals in life
·         Build proper checkpoints to keep us on track. Also do a regular review of goals and  do the necessary correction whenever required

“ZEAL” is the backbone of  a Progressive Life ! 

YEARN for YIN_YANG#AtoZChallenge

Y is for YIN-YANG

PERFECTION and BALANCE are 2 things that each one of us is striving for in our life. But the irony is that we are trying to achieve it in a completely non-conducive environment which consist of a world that’s overflowing with information & knowledge; mind that is filled to the brim with chaos and commotion and a body that is all the time busy multi-tasking. We are aiming for the improbable considering the dynamic eco-system we live and operate in. The best way to achieve balance is to seek progression instead of perfection and move forward. The moment we start accepting the duality of everything in life, we will achieve balance in life. This principle of duality is YIN-YANG, a concept/ approach which helps us deal effectively with uncertainties of life - ups and downs, good times and bad times, opportunities and challenges.

Why is YIN-YANG important ?

·      Life is never a smooth ride and we need to deal with adversity as well. YIN-YANG prepares us for dealing with the downs in life and move ahead in life
·   Adopting the YIN-YANG approach build in us the requisite mental strength to deal with difficulties
·        YIN-YANG prepares us to build multiple perspectives
·        YIN-YANG helps us perceive the adversities as natural       happenings and not get bogged down by them 

How to balance YIN-YANG ?

·         Accepting failures and negative events in our life as natural occurrences, similar to the positive ones
·         Focus on achieving balance in all aspects of life – work, home, relationships, etc. The more all these aspects are in harmony, the more balanced our life will be
·         Include practices like mindfulness, meditation and yoga which connect us to our inner self
·         Practice gratitude and be thankful for everything in life
·         Declutter life to attract clarity and positivity in life

 Bring YIN-YANG in life and live holistically forever ! 

Friday, 28 April 2017

"X-FACTOR" avoids being a "XEROX"#AtoZChallenge

X is for "X-FACTOR"

“Survival of the fittest” is the mantra for success in this highly competitive world. There is a cut-throat competition everywhere and in everything. To come out victorious we need to outclass our competitors and also be the preferred choice.  To stand apart from the crowd we need to be unique in something, possess some special talent, develop some special skill/ knowledge which is what is termed as “X-FACTOR”.  This “X-FACTOR” is the real differentiator for us which separates us from the rest of the crowd and puts us right there in front and in limelight. “X-FACTOR” is what we excel at.

Why “X-FACTOR” is important ?

·         It makes us more charismatic and creates a magnetic effect in our personality
·         It is an important trait in our personality which differentiates us from others and determines our success
·         Gives us an extra edge over our competitors in situations where every competitor meets the basic mandated requirement of education, skills and knowledge and something unique or different plays the deciding factor
·         It paves the way for us to move forward in life
·         It boosts our self-esteem and confidence as we find worth in our existence
·         It helps us identify our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which helps us direct our energy and effort on our unique talent, skill or passion

How to identify/ develop “X-FACTOR” ?

·         Exploring our interests and passion helps us identify our “X-FACTOR”. What excites us and keeps us involved is most probably our “X-FACTOR”.
·         If in various social situations, people approach us and show keenness to interact with us because of our certain behaviour/ attitude then that’s an indication of our “X-FACTOR” at play
·         Once identified, it’s important to develop it further to retain that extra edge in our personality and capitalise on the opportunities that come our way.
·         Hone your “X-FACTOR” skills as much as possible by practicing it over and over again, Be an Outlier by doing it for 10,000 hours
·         Try bettering at the “X-FACTOR” by doing it with interest and attention

Let your X-FACTOR make you a WINNER !