Wednesday, 14 March 2018

When Life Hits An Impasse !

When our life is brought to a screeching halt and we are thrown in a tizzy, all we wonder is "What now?" . What had so far been a smooth cruise now appears to be a tricky and bumpy ride. Looking further ahead, we see our life engulfed in a cloud of confusion and chaos. This is when the reality hits us that our life has hit an impasse !

The "cul-de-sac" that stares at us in our face and leave us completely blank is in fact a manifestation of our ill-conceived goals and ill-directed actions. Now, when all our goals seem out of sight no clarity of direction, the only way forward is to do course correction.

Hitting a dead-end in life is not the end of the road for us. A little bit of self-probing and self-reflection could help us get our life back on track again. This is the right time to dig deep and identify what's holding us back.

The following could help us explore the root cause:
  • Do i feel motivated (at this moment) to pursue the goal ?
  • Am i pursuing my existing goals of my own free will ?
  • Do i feel overwhelmed/ underwhelmed with my goal(s) ?
  • Do i need to rework on my goals - maybe establish a different goal altogether or rework on the existing one ?
  • Do i need to establish few mini-goals that will help me be motivated ?
  • Are my action items in place ?
  • Have i set my priorities right ?
  • Have i built the necessary discipline in my daily routine for the tasks that needs to be executed? 
  • Have i built a closure (timeline/ deadline) for the tasks identified by me? 
  • Have i identified all the available options ?
  • Do i have a mechanism in place for feedback ?

Pondering over the above questions could help us pin point where exactly the problem lies - whether in our goals, action items or time. Once the root cause is identified then its not difficult to do the necessary course correction and go beyond the impasse !

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