Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Art of Achieving Goals !

GOALS are an integral part of our lives and play a catalyst role in our growth and development. By keeping us focused and directed,  they enable us to move forward towards the objectives set by us.

Nothing more can reiterate the importance of goals in our lives better than the fact that to achieve/ accomplish each of us have at some point or the other set goals for ourselves in different spheres of our life (Work, Home, Relationships, Career, etc.). But here lies the irony – very often the goals  established by us to move forward in life never get achieved. There’s something that ails achieving of goals ! It’s  “the inability to make a transition from goal-setting to goal-getting” .

 Mere planning for something would not ensure achieving the attached outcomes unless there is an execution or action. Likewise in case of goals also, there are steps that would help make a smooth transition from goal-setting to goal-getting. Some of the relevant steps are :

·         Getting  rid of the PLACEBO effect – Placebo plays its part in the goal process. They play an enabling role during the process of setting challenging goals but thereafter Placebo effect could only debilitate goal accomplishment process. It may put us into a false state of achievement which may restrict us from taking appropriate action towards our goals. The sooner we get rid of Placebo effect, the earlier we would start on the process of achieving goals.   

·         Setting Goals that are BIG in terms of

o   being holistic in nature, encompassing all the spheres of our life.

o    challenging but achievable. The goals should make us stretch ourselves and push us to limits but within the range of our available resources.

·         Setting up mini-goals to ensure our progress towards your key goal(s).

·         Aligning Goals with the mission and purpose of our lives to ensure that every action and achievement of ours contributes to our identified purpose for living.

·         Inculcating the habit of writing down goals. This would activate the RAS (Reticular Activating System) which would ensure that our brain start focusing on the goals.

·         Internalising our goals through Creative Imagery. Imagining ourself as having already achieved the goal(s) through all our senses make it appear real to our subconscious which helps in taking positive actions.

·         Reinforcing self with positive affirmations whenever we achieve a mini-goal keep us focused on taking necessary actions for accomplishing major/ BIG goals.