Thursday, 30 April 2015

Determine Your Fulcrum in Life !

Our life comprises of multiple spheres or compartments  such as Work, Home, Friends, Relationships. Attaining holistic well being is about achieving balance in each of the sphere independently and also striking a balance among multiple spheres. It does not take much to create imbalance in life, just an event or a person but it does take a lot (time, energy and effort) to create the balance again and bring life back on track.  

Attaining a balanced life is about determining the right fulcrum
(support)  to live your life completely . Determining our life’s fulcrum is a matter of choice and largely depends on the type of orientation we carry towards our life.  This orientation is nothing else but our disposition towards life and comprises of our attitudes, feelings and actions that guide our life’s movement, either forward or backward.

The 2 possible choices of fulcrum in our lives are  Negativity and  Positivity. Considering that the essence of life is balance, growth and achievement, let’s explore what each of the 2 choices entails for our life.

·         Negativity – In this case the perception gets shrouded with clouds of doubt and criticism which  breeds feelings of inaction and stagnancy. A negative fulcrum in our life would result in

o   Backward movement
o   Dullness and Lethargy
o   Low Self Confidence
o   Living a Purposeless life
o   Abundance of Stress
o   Seeking excuses for inaction
o   Non-achievement of goals

·         Positivity –  In this the perception is laced with rainbow of clarity and hope which breeds feelings of action and movement. A positive fulcrum in our life would result in

o   Forward movement
o   Excitement
o   High Self Confidence
o   A purposeful life
o   Abundance of good health
o   Seeking opportunities to make things happen
o   Achievement of goals

So, if we want to move ahead in life and be an achiever, let positivity be the fulcrum of our life ! 

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