Wednesday, 5 April 2017

DETERMINATION breeds Drive and Discipline#AtoZChallenge


Many a times when we reflect on our list of accomplishments in life we realise that we would have accomplished so much more had we looked inwards rather than blaming external factors/ reasons for the same. Self-brooding further will bring to focus those unfinished tasks/ goals that could have been accomplished had we maintained some discipline and kept alive our drive and passion. DETERMAINATION is that trait which not only encompass discipline, drive, passion but many other quality traits like will power. DETERMINATION refers to a resolve to finish the task, achieve the goals and provides the missing link between the goal and its accomplishment.

Why DETERMINATION is important ?
·         It provides the requisite motivation to accomplish goals and succeed in life

·         To be successful requires sustained and focused effort which is made possible through determination
·         It makes things happen as it builds the quality of resolve in us
·         Builds discipline which ensures that we take all the necessary measures needed to succeed
·         Gets rid of various distractions that act as impediments towards well directed/ focused intent and action.

How to build DETERMINATION ?
·         Identification of goals that we are most passionate about will always keep us excited and interested in taking action.
·         Breaking of goals into short, medium and long term to have better control

·         Regular review the goals. If need be, revise the goals or realign action  
·         Be proactive in foreseeing the challenges
·         Practice techniques that build focus and concentration which are the hallmark of a determined person
·         Accentuate commitment to ensure completion of tasks
·         Be judicious about the choices
·         Maintain positive self-esteem
·         Avoid distraction

So during times when you feel like giving up, just remind yourself that Determination could pull you through this time too !


  1. Well expressed. Determination is a cell in the brain which is a driving force for desirable actions.

  2. I like how you break it down into actionable steps. Often I say I want to be determined - but I see it as a general grit and hard work. This post was practical and helpful.



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