Sunday, 2 April 2017

BELIEF for a BETTER YOU#AtoZChallenge

B is for BELIEF

Challenges and Obstacles are an integral part of our existence and to be successful one needs to over-ride them. Coming out triumphant is not as much to do with the size of the problem (big or small) but
our ability to address the problem appropriately and to our advantage. This ability could very well be termed as BELIEF, a characteristic that determines whether we are a winner or loser in life. Simply defined, Self-Belief is the opinion we have of our self – whether we hold our self in high esteem or otherwise; whether we see our self as a capable being or otherwise.  Each one of us possess immense potential and capability but in the absence of self-belief all our assets are a waste.

Why Self-Belief is important ?
  • Develops our attitude for life - the way we perceive things, people and circumstances.
  • Builds confidence in us to face any adversity in life
  • Helps us realise our strength areas
  • Enable us to achieve our goals
  • Gives us better control over our life
  • Provides an opportunity to assess our life and take corrective action wherever and whenever needed
  • Helps develop better relationships as our attitude breeds positivity and optimism

How to build/ ensure (positive) Self-Belief ?
  • Positive self-talk – talking to self plays a crucial role in developing self-belief. So, the pep talk delivered to self should be positive and progressive. Repeat affirmations that help build confidence and esteem. A few examples are , “I am capable of achieving my goals”, “Every day I achieve more and get better”.  
  • Visualise success regularly as it will help stay focused on goals
  • Celebrate small successes as it will keep the confidence intact  
  • Develop your strengths further as that is your USP to success but also be mindful of weak areas

To sum it up, Self-Belief is a tool to assess our self and a catalyst which spurs us for action and takes us closer to our goals and objectives in life. 

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