Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What's Filling Your Life's Platter - Buffet or A-la-Carte' ?

Do you find yourself doing/ attempting “too much” but still accomplishing “too little” or ”nothing” in life ? 

If it’s so, then its time we review what’s filling our life’s platter !

This is an age of paradox where we get bombarded with a huge amount of information in such a little span of time and where every few days a new distraction gets developed (created) to add to the existing huge list of items/ tasks already vying for our attention (limited). The information overload and the shrinking attention-span negatively impacts our productivity and success and this presents a Catch 22 situation for us !  

The question to ask ourself in such a situation is what we are filling our life’s platter with, buffet or a-la-carte’ ?

Let’s see what each of the entails

·         Buffet – The items/ tasks/ things that life people, situations and circumstances throw at us and we are forced to pick up only from what is laid for us. We definitely have a choice here but only from what is offered to us. The Buffet would comprise of things that we could do, it may also be things that we first think of or things to get us through the day and life ultimately. The Buffet menu may not lead us to where we want to reach but only to where we get “led”. The options here maybe unlimited but are the ones that “limits us”.

·         A-la-carte’ – This presents us with the power of choice and control both. Here we select things that matter most to us, things we should do, things that prepare us for life to meet  myriad challenges that life may throw at us. The A-la-carte’s “leads” us to our chosen destination and set us on path of success. The options here maybe limited but that’s exactly what prompts us to make a judicious choice and provides us with “unlimited” opportunities to create our best possible life. 

So, choice is ours about which type we want to be – the Buffet type where we get stuck with unwanted trivials that may lead us somewhere but not where we want to go or the A-la-carte’ type focusing on what we want in life and “leading” ourself on the path of growth and accomplishment.

So, choose wisely !

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