Monday, 20 July 2015

The Essence of Life Coaching !

Succintly put, Life Coaching is all about empowering and enabling individuals to discover themselves and achieve their best in whatever they set out for. The essence of Life Coaching is so beautifully captured in the following quote by the Leadership Gure, John C. Maxwell where he says

 “ We must answer 3 questions in life

 What do we want ?
 Why do we want it ?
 How badly do we want it ?”

The co-creative and collaborative nature of the coaching process aims to deliver answers to all the above 3 for the individual being coached (coachee). Let’s see how ?

What do we want ?  - Answering this question leads us to the discovery of our “passion” in life, the thing we yearn to do and achieve. This further leads to the identification and establishment of appropriate goals for out life.

Why do we want it ? – Answering this triggers personal insight which helps twofold – 1. Bring more clarity and provide proper direction and 2. Reiterates the realistic need to establish goals.

How badly we want it ? - Answering this helps in
·   Prioritizing goals by revisiting our wheel of life and identifying the sphere (work, home, health, relationship, finance, etc.)  needing our most attention and focus to bring in the desired balance in life.  

·  Putting timelines to our goals and making them achievable  

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